From 2004 to 2019

we are For The King.

Christianity is not a Sunday morning religion, it is a choice to live as a follower of Christ in every aspect of our lives. However, this can be hard to achieve in a toxic environment like much of what the gaming culture has to offer. We exist as a place for Christians to come be a part of this world, but not be of the world (Rom. 12:2). It is a mature, clean and family friendly gaming and fellowship to take place. For The King began as Fear the Lord Christian Gaming back in 2004. Since then, we have made every effort to ensure that Christ is made much of through our community.

Statement of Faith

While there are many beliefs that members have, these are our core doctrines in which we see as infallible truths.

Code of Conduct

We expect everyone who represents us, to act in a way that represents Christ.


We have a written constitution, crafted inline with scripture, in which we govern ourselves.

The Faces You’ve Been Waiting For

Our team works wonders

Our structure is simple. We have an appointed board of advisers who act like a congress, an elected leader and their chosen deputy. Each game has a division leader which may be commanded as they see fit, while abiding by the laws of the constitution.


Founder & Commander


Deputy Commander


Senior Officer


Senior Officer


Senior Officer


Senior Officer

What does For The King

offer someone like you?

We have members from all over the world and at times have conducted conferences for members to meet each other. We conduct weekly events, bible studies, manage a ranking system, and even created our own server hosting company to meet the needs of our members. For The King is a place that is worth investing your time in, because we desire to invest back into you.

What we can help you achieve

Connect with like-minded players. Find groups to play with. Have a safe environment for kids. Enjoy regular biblical conversations. Rank up into leadership staff.

  • Elected Commanders
  • Division Leaders
  • Scripture Driven
  • Ranking System
  • Active Fellowship
  • Regular Bible Studies
  • Prayer Wall
  • Daily Devotions
  • Professional Resources
  • Multi-Gaming Community
  • Dedicated Players
  • Engaging Reward System