After watching the 45 min. live stream of the grueling duel between the developers and the awkwardness that is shown by people who have never been on something so grand a scale as streaming to the masses. I came out on the other side amazed at how just detailed Bioware is in giving so much customization to their players. 45 mins. in and we still only saw just a fraction of what a player can even do to their javelin. I would bet my paycheck (if I got one for writing posts) that you wont see a similar looking javelin come 2 months after launch.


Think of it this way, in Destiny 2 you are limited to certain armor sets that you only get from completing end game objectives like Raids, Crucible, Timed events, etc… and with that you are limited to whatever shaders Bungie has supplied. Out of those shaders only a few (in my opinion) are worth even using. With Anthem though , they do have preset colors but now you can use a color wheel to tweak them to get that perfect look you want on your javelin. I’m sure we will be limited to the armor pieces provided but that is of little consequence seeing as how you can change almost every single piece to fit the style you like the most. This post is my break down of the customization options we saw in the live stream. Click the picture to watch Bioware live stream, Enjoy!


Initial setup screen

RIGHT SIDE: Javelin specification

-level progression bar

-weapon load out

-Gear (or abilities for your javelin)

UPPER LEFT: – Load out/ appearance tabs

MIDDLE: – Javelin

-Customization Tabs: Helmet, Arms, Legs, Chest, Wear State, Animations (Emotes), Vinyl, Paint



These areas can be changed out with other armor pieces to provide different regions of customization.


These options allow the player to change colors, the look of wear and tear to pristine, and custom made decals from the developer.


Primary hard/ Secondary hard/ Tertiary hard – Main areas of color or for metals/scales

Primary soft/ Secondary soft/ Tertiary Soft – For cloth and fabric material colors

These regions are not limited to just colors but also material: Metal/cloth/scale/fabric (brings in the actual physical look of material). The developers have included a color wheel option to create your own custom colors if you fancy diving into the customization that deep. Unfortunately you Cannot create your own custom logos or vinyl’s as these are premade from the developers and act as a sort of skin over you base layers. Sadly though you cannot change the look of the decals or vinyl’s but you can change the color of you base layers on your javelin to contrast or match the colors of said decal. in their grand wisdom though, the developers have also added up to 6 Load outs/Color schemes that you can save for quick access on the fly so that you don’t have to spend 5 – 10 minutes switching weapons and colors out.

*With physically based rendering you can use a base color on all materials and also change the type of metal used (nickel, tungsten, steel, etc…)*

Wear State: This changes the look of the armor by making the armor look: Clean, Beat Up, Worn, or Wear and Tear, etc…

There is no “Copy and Paste” for color schemes between javelins.



Premade custom paint schemes with a little more flare to them.

*Rewarded from completing activities, events, and bought online, and possibly other things that have not been disclosed*

*Not javelin specific: once unlocked or acquired they can be used on all javelins*

*Cannot change paint scheme of vinyl but can alter the base scheme on javelin behind the vinyl*



*Will be released with LoD colors and Materials pack labeled as LoD so players can know how to make their javelin look like the Javelins on the LoD posters*

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