Code of Conduct

Simplified rules that reflect our expectations, constitution and the Word of God.

Conduct No.

01. Standards

Members must adhere to the constitutional standards at all times, not just when tags are worn.

Conduct No.

02. Represent

We must behave in a manner in which the representation of For The King Gaming is upheld and promotes an honorable community.

Conduct No.

03. Respect

We must show respect to everyone, both non-member and member, Christian or not, in and out of game servers.

Conduct No.

04. Language

We must keep language clean and ensure that innocent ears are protected while in our servers or elsewhere.

Conduct No.

05. Cheating

We must not use any form of exploit, hack, or cheat while a member of this community

Conduct No.

06. Promote

We must promote Christ as a community and at the very least, not hinder it.