For The King is a multi-gaming community designed for mature, clean and family-friendly interaction. We are a Christian organization with the intent to sharpen one another as brothers and sisters in Christ.

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Our Constitution

The For the King Constitution is the guideline in which we operate the gaming and ministry aspects of this community. It has been carefully crafted by the Board of Directors, through advisement of the Command Team, as a set of laws and directions in which to operate within and along side scripture.

A little more about it all...

If you haven’t figured it out yet, we are a unique community. See, we believe that each game should have it’s own leader who can decide how they want to run their game. It’s not dictated by a single leader or the administrative staff. However, it must still operate within the guidelines established in our Constitution.

The constitution is written and maintained by the Command Staff, who are appointed to their position by the Chairman. So, as you can see, while it may seem complex, it’s actually a very fair and well structured system that allows for a whole lot of good things to happen!

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