For the King Constitution

The 4K constitution is the guideline in which we operate this community. It has been carefully crafted to guide us through political, governmental, biblical and disciplinary decisions. It is not a replacement for the Word of God. It is merely a set of laws and directions in which we operate our community.

Article I: Statement of Faith

Section A: The Word of God
We believe that the Holy Bible is the inspired, infallible and inerrant Word of God in which it is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for and instruction in righteousness . (2 Timothy 3:16)

Section B: The Gospel
We believe that Jesus Christ was miraculously born of a virgin, lived a perfect, sinless life, and died on the cross, shedding His blood for our sins, and He was buried, and He rose again the third day. (1 Corinthians 15:3-4)

Section C: Salvation
We believe that salvation comes upon the realization and acceptance that we are sinners and that Christ, being God, died as the pure sacrifice for our sins. In His death we receive eternal salvation and that it is not of our own doing, but His alone. (Romans 10:13, John 14:6, Ephesians 2:8-9)

Section D: Christianity
We believe that Christianity is an active process in which a person who has accepted Christ as their savior, produces and bears fruit as a new person. This is why we believe that Christian gaming is more than a title but a representation of Christ like behavior in all areas of our life. (Ephesians 5)

Article II: Statement of Purpose

Section A: First as Christians
Our purpose, first as Christians, is to honor & glorify God in all that we do, including playing an online game. We encourage every member of our community to maintain a personal walk with God that includes prayer, Bible study, and faithfulness to church. Play time should never supersede your quiet time with God or your obligations with your family. As Christians, we shall maintain moral conduct rules and promote a friendly, helpful environment.

Section B: Second as a Community
Our purpose as a guild is to provide all gamers with a good, clean, Godly environment to come together with their families and enjoy common fellowship while playing online games. Through this fellowship, we will find encouragement, friendship, fun, and edification in the faith. Our doors of recruitment shall always remain open to those who have the same values.

Section C: Third as Gamers
Our purpose in gaming is to play online games that are family-safe, fun, competitive, and support guilds, clans, kinships, or communities. We shall strive to provide support for & voluntary involvement in everything our Official Games have to offer.

Article III: Official Games

Section A: Supported Games (Battalion)
A supported game is one in which the community has agreed to support with personnel, funding, servers, recruiting and etc. In order for a game to be considered a supported game it must meet the following criteria:

  1. Game must be reviewed and approved by the Command Staff.
  2. Game must maintain a minimum active number of players. One Officer, NCO, and a full squad consisting of 6 players (officer and NCO may be included) must be active each month to maintain supported status. If the minimum activity levels are not met two months in a row, the game will be removed from supported status.
  3. An Officer must be assigned to the Battalion as the Commanding Officer (Guildmaster, Leader, ETC).
  4. Battalion CO must fill out a monthly activity report and submit it within the first week of the new month unless permission to submit late is authorized.

Section B: Guild Names For New Games
The guild/clan name should include “4K” or “For the King”. If all formulations of these names are taken or unavailable, the Command Staff should be contacted to find a workaround. Names should reflect our goal and mission while maintaining good marketing appeal.

Section C: Unsupported Games
Games in which there is no official support are considered unsupported games. Members are free to play unsupported games with one another and use 4K Discord server. However, unsupported game participants are still required to abide by the Code of Conduct and to respect the Chain of Command.

Section D: Alliances
If a game has an alliance system, Battalion Officers may appoint a qualified Ambassador, for the game which they supervise. If no Ambassador is appointed, the Battalion Officer assumes the position of Ambassador for that specific game. The Command Staff reserve the right to review and revoke alliances. Alliances outside of game mechanics are handled by S-5.

Article IV: Membership

Section A: Recruitment Process
Every person aged 13 and older who wishes to be a member is required to submit an application via the Apply for Membership link on our website. The application will then be promptly reviewed and then followed by either acceptance, denial, or closure (in the event that no response from said applicant is received within 14 days). A parent who is already a member of 4K may request special permission for his/her child under 13 years to be granted membership. 4K’s recruitment is perpetual, meaning that we are always looking to recruit new players. We have no population cap.

Section B: Requirements
The rank of recruit shall be granted to any, applicant upon review of their application, indicating that said person meets all of the following requirements: (1) the person appears to be friendly, honest, & respectful, (2) the person is at least 13 years of age or older. (3) Application discrepancies have been investigated and resolved in favor of membership. S-1 reserves the right to deny an application if said applicant is suspected to pose a danger to the security, sanctity, unity, or purpose of the 4K Community. Refer to S1 regulations for more information.

Section C: Resignations & Membership Terminations
All members are permitted to leave 4K at their leisure. Membership is strictly voluntary. Likewise, a person’s membership may be revoked or terminated at any time by the S-1 Division due to Code of Conduct or Constitutional violations by said person. Membership may also be revoked or terminated for any action in which the Command Staff concurs poses a danger to the security, sanctity, unity, or purpose of 4K community.

Section D: Privacy Protection
The sharing, giving, or exchange of another member’s personal information such as real names, email addresses, IP addresses, phone numbers, mailing addresses, or any other personal private identifying information with persons or organizations outside of 4K by any member of this guild with access to said information is expressly prohibited to protect 4K member’s privacy.

Section E: Inactivity
All members who have not been active for 60 days shall have forfeited their membership privileges, ranks, and titles in 4K due to inactivity and status changed to AWOL (Away without Leave). AWOL status change temporarily revokes any administrative or membership privileges. If a member does not return to an active status after 30 days of being AWOL, he/she will be discharged. Refer to S1 regulations for more information. Exceptions to this rule are made when the member has been granted a Leave of Absence by S1. A record file shall be submitted and status changed to On Leave once approved.

Active status requires one or more of the following:

  • Battalion Officer Vouch of Activity
  • Regular Communication in Discord
  • Reported in via Operations Center

Section G: Orientation
All recruits of the 4K Community are required to attend Orientation prior to promotion to full membership. This program is designed to orient the new member on policies, and familiarize them with the service structure of this community. Waivers are not authorized for this course. While recruitment is a minimum of 7 days, recruits must complete it within 30 days. Any recruit who fails to complete Orientation within the allotted time, without a reasonable excuse, will have their membership closed without prejudice. The individual then can apply, and seek membership again, if they so desire. If an individual fails to complete Orientation after their second attempt, he/she will not be permitted to have their membership approved without a direct meeting with an S1 officer.

Section H: Membership Records
Membership Records are kept in PERSCOM for a minimum of 2 years, after which may be removed at the discretion of the S1 Commanding Officer. If records have been removed, said member may not apply for re-enlistment but rather apply as a recruit. (Refer to S1 Regulations for more information.) Each member is placed in a category based on his activity and position in 4K. The three categories are as follows:

  • Recruit: Has applied for membership and undergoing active training.
  • Enlisted/NCO/Officer – Has been accepted for membership and is currently an active participant in the community.
  • Retired – Has been accepted for membership in the past, but is no longer an active participant in the community and has applied, and been accepted, for an honorable discharge.

Article V: Code of Conduct

Section A: Treatment of Fellow Members
Members are to treat one another with respect. Members are not permitted to degrade, demean, or disrespect other members whether in person or behind their back.

Section B: Treatment of Non-Members
With respect to role-play and enemy factions, all members are still expected to treat other players in the game, whether good or evil, as is becoming a Christian.

Section C: Maturity
We hold all members of any age to the same standards of maturity. Immaturity and unnecessary drama is not tolerated and will be dealt with appropriate measures.

Section D: Language
Cussing, using God’s name in vain, substituting bad words with symbols or acronyms, using abbreviations of curse words, and the use of vulgarities is prohibited in guild chat, voice chat, public chat as well as the guild forums, and shout box. Vulgarities include, but are not limited to: any and all slang substitutes for the “F” word, the “A” word, and the “B” word.

Section E: Harassment
Members are not permitted to harass other members. This includes repeatedly asking for real-life personal information, contact information, money, as well as sexual innuendos and racial or gender slurs. Personal and contact info may be given out voluntarily. Officers may be required to share their contact info with their Commanding Officers for Official purposes.

Section F: Spam
Members are not permitted to spam in any chat channel. Spam is defined as repeating something over and over and over again for the sake of advertising something or annoying others.

Section G: Witnessing
Members are permitted and highly encouraged to be a witness for Jesus Christ to others whenever possible. Members should be aware of the Terms of Service (ToS) of each game; however, we should never pass up an opportunity to share the Gospel.

Section H: Forums
Posts and threads in the Guild forums or any public forum associated with a game in which 4K is associated with, are subject to the same language policies as stated in Section C. Posting of clean & modest pictures or the use of said pictures as avatars or signatures are permitted in the forums as well as the photo gallery, however, any and all lewd or pornographic material, including links to such material, is strictly prohibited and is cause for the immediate guild dismissal of said member. The use or posting of avatars or images which emphasize or reveal parts of one’s body from the knee to the chest is also prohibited. This does not include the arms and shoulders, but does include see-through shirts or blouses as well as screenshots or artwork characters.

Section I: Non-commissioned officers (NCO)
All NCO’s are required to abide by, enforce, and uphold all Code of Conduct rules outlined in this Article.

  • It is required that all non-commissioned officers:
    • Exhibit good christian conduct by being above approach in all actions ( 1 Timothy 3:2)
    • Be honest and adhere to James 1:26 & Proverbs 12:22
    • Respect the Chain of Command (Titus 2:7, Romans 13:1-6)

Failure to abide by any of these rules may result in demotion.

Section J: Commissioned Officers
All Officers are required to abide by, enforce, and uphold all Code of Conduct rules outlined in this Article.

  • It is required that all non-commissioned officers:
    • Exhibit good christian conduct by being above approach in all actions (1 Timothy 3:1-13)
    • Be honest and adhere to James 1:26 & Proverbs 12:22
    • Respect the Chain of Command (Titus 2:7, Romans 13:1-6)
    • Build leaders (2 Timothy 2:2)
    • Lead the community in a biblical manner (2 Timothy 3:16-17)

Failure to abide by any of these rules may in loss of commission.

Section K: Prohibited Actions
All members are prohibited from: Impersonating other members on this guild site or any other website with the intent to deceive;
Stealing from other members, whether it be in-game currency or real-world money;
Cheating which includes hacking the game client, installing cheats for the game client, hacking packets, altering memory data, duping credits, or any other shady method that gives the player an unfair advantage in the game; Using any feature of the guild’s communication functions to solicit funds from other members aside from official guild Donations without prior approval from an Administrator. This includes posting paypal or other such information publicly.

However, members are permitted to state a financial need asking for prayer for God’s provision. We understand that some members may be led by the Holy Spirit to help with that need, therefore, members are permitted to voluntarily give financially to other members in need in which case it must be done so privately using the PM feature. Using their membership in 4K as a means of solicitation for other gaming communities or guilds.


Section L: Usernames

Subsection 1: Restrictions
All guild usernames including: account, forum, Discord, chat, and game character names, may not contain inappropriate words or abbreviations for inappropriate words or be similar to inappropriate words in either their sound or spelling. Examples of inappropriate words include curse words, hateful or anti-racial words, sexual references, or any other word, reference, or meaning that would be considered inappropriate for a Christian.

Subsection 2: Requirements
4K Discord server nicknames must clearly relate to a member’s official For the King website username. Registering with Discord will automatically add this. In Games which have a guild roster note feature, the member must list their username in their guild roster note.

Section L: Avatar Attire
All members should have their digital game avatars dressed in a manner that has a positive representation of both our faith and the guild. Any revealing or scantily clad attire is to be avoided by all members when possible by game design for both their avatars and NPC companions.

Article VI: Policies and Procedures

Section A: Discipline
Disciplinary action may be taken upon any member that violates the Articles outlined in this Constitution. Disciplinary action, herein referred to as a Reprimand, shall consist of Infractions and shall range in severity from a written or verbal reminder up to and including termination from 4K. While at the discretion of the authority providing the discipline, the customary path of reprimands are as follow:

  • First infraction = Verbal Warning,  reflective on the forums warning system.
  • Second infraction = Written Warning, reflective on the forums warning system and as a personnel permanent record.
  • Third infraction = Level demotion, reflective on the forums warning system and as a personnel permanent record.
  • Fourth infraction = Dishonorable discharge

Infractions of different types may undergo different warnings. For example, Infraction of swearing does not stack on an infraction of misconduct. A member can have 2 First infractions. However, once a member has 6 or more total infractions, reflective on the forums warning system, said member will be Generally discharged.

1 infraction = 1 warning. If a Battalion Officer (BO) or higher decides an infraction merits a demotion, it does not = 3 infractions, being as is the 3rd level of reprimand, it is considered a single infraction. However, the BO or higher may choose at their discretion, to include the first 2 infractions if the offense is warranted such discipline.

Subsection 1: Authority to Discipline

  • Full Disciplinary Authority: (Division, Branch & Battalion Commanding Officers) May award infractions to any member below their rank or position up to a discharge.
  • Partial Disciplinary Authority: (Division, Branch & Battalion Officers) May award infractions to any member below their rank or position up to a demotion.
  • Minimal Disciplinary Authority: (Division, Branch & Battalion NCO’s) May award infractions to any member below their rank or position up to a written warning. This level of authority is not authorized to demote members and must elevate the issue to an Officer with a higher level of disciplinary authority within their Chain of Command (CoC)

Section B: Ministries
These policies have been written out to ensure that all individuals assigned to S-2, in a teaching capacity, follow biblical doctrine and meet biblical and otherwise prudent qualifications. Additionally they outline purpose and intent, so to avoid topics that may cause harm to one another or the community.

  1. Leaders holding an S-2 teaching position must maintain a lifestyle in accordance with the qualifications outlined in scripture (1 Tim 3:1-7, Titus 1:6), and within all applicable subsections of this policy, including, but not limited to:
    1. All leaders must maintain membership in good standing at a local body of believers and must exhibit regular attendance within that local church body.
      1. For the purpose of this policy, regular attendance is defined as physical attendance at a minimum of four services per calendar month.
    2. All leaders must agree not to promulgate or propagate any teaching which conflicts, either directly or indirectly, with For the King Gaming’s statement of faith or values statement.
    3. Ministry leadership must demonstrate an ability to rightly divide Scripture, communicate Scripture, and, as necessary, defend Scripture.
    4. Leaders within S-2 must demonstrate timeliness, efficiency, and and attitude of excellence in all assigned tasks. Frequent absence from requisite meetings, dereliction of duties or tasks, an inability to meet deadlines or perform duties may result in relief of leadership post.
      1. The terms “timeliness”, “efficiency”, “excellence”, and “frequent” are subject to the discretionary definition of the commanding officer of S-2.
    5. All leaders within S-2 must maintain an active presence in the community Discord channel, and on the forums in order to connect with all believing and unbelieving members within For the King Gaming.
  2. Bible study leaders must prepare an outline for the S-2 Commanding Officer to review. This outline must be submitted to the commanding officer no less than 1 week prior to the date of the bible study. Additionally, the outline should follow the template style provided in section five (5) of this policy, and be derived from the preparation process outlined in section six (6) of this policy.
  3. Leaders are not expected to have an instantaneous answer for any or every question. Any questions that can not be answered shall be written and posted in the ministry section and include the following:
    1. Topic of the study
    2. Context in which the question originated
    3. The question itself
    4. Member who asked the question
  4. These are the topics that must have approval prior to having a study:
    1. The End Times, in reference to Revelations
    2. Topics pertaining to Calvinism or Arminiasm

Section C: Contests
The Command Staff shall approve all official community contests as well as any official prizes. Contests put on by individual members using their own resources are not subject to approval by the CS, however, they reserves the right to terminate the contest if it violates the 4K Constitution.

Section D: Guild Meetings
4K Command Staff may call for a community meeting as often as needed in order to discuss ideas, decisions, games, policies, rules, or anything that affects the guild as a whole or in part. If 10% or more of the total body of current members sign on to a petition for a Guild Meeting, then a community meeting shall be called by the CS within a reasonable timeframe. The petition must be created on the community forums and must include the topics of discussion and must pertain to the community as a whole or in part. The CS will address said topics with transparency during the meeting.

Section E: General Inactivity & Leave of Absence
All Officers who plan to be inactive (do not login to the website) for 60 days or longer are required to apply for Leave of Absence forum. Officers who fail to post a LOA may result in the loss of rank and position. Non-officers are not required to apply for a LOA, but will be purged from the roster if inactive for more than 180 Days. Members who wish to remain on the roster after 180 days of inactivity or Officers who wish to remain Officers after 60 days of inactivity, must apply for LOA via the Personnel Action Request in the Operations Center.

Section F: Awards:
Executive Officers may issue ribbons to members of the guild including earned ribbons, commendation ribbons, and participation ribbons at their discretion. All awards shall be featured on the Awards page in the forums.

Section G: Dual Guild Membership:
Members are permitted dual membership in other legitimate Gaming Guilds, Clans, Kinships, Organizations, or Communities (all herein referred to as Clans) which do not pose a threat to the security, sanctity, unity, or purpose of 4K. Clans which the CS feels threaten 4K’s security, sanctity, unity, or purpose shall be reviewed by the CS On a case-by-case basis and require CS permission to have dual membership in. Other Clans in 4K Supported Games which reside on the same server, and which members have dual membership in is permitted so long as the 4K member makes it known to the leadership of both guilds of their dual membership. Dual membership with Alliance guilds is permitted so long as the individual plays any crossover supported games with their primary guild. All other situations and circumstances related to dual membership shall be handled by the CS on a case-by-case basis.

Section H: Rules of Engagement for Supported Games
The CS may elect to set RoE for each specific supported MMO played which has involuntary Player versus Player combat. RoE shall be stickied in the supported game’s forum.

Section I: The Command Staff

Subsection 1: Authority & Accountability
The CS contains the Commanding Officers of each S Division and some approved Executive Officers or NCOIC. Each CO of an S Division has voting powers and the CS may permit XO voting power. Voting powers are used for changes at any level, but ultimately the Chairman has veto power. The exception to this rule; The CS may initiate a vote for an election of a new Chairman and the results of that vote, coming from the Command Staff, can not be vetoed.

Subsection 2: Chairman & Vice Chairman Authority
The Chairman’s may make changes at the organizational level without approval unless it directly conflicts with the constitution. This does not permit changes to the constitution itself, but rather alterations to things not outlined in the constitution.

Subsection 2: Command Staff Elections & Appointments
An S Division Commanding Officer is an appointed position through approval of the entire current Command Staff. The Chairman can not remove any CS member, but must be voted on by the CS.

Subsection 3: Chairman Elections & Appointment
The Chairman is an elected position that is voted on automatically at the 1st of every year. CS members may initiate the leader elections at any time, this gives leverage to ensure that the Chairman does not abuse his/her veto power. All full fledged members may vote in the Chairman elections.

Subsection 4: Vice Chairman Elections & Appointment
The Vice Chairman is an appointed position by the Chairman. This position acts as a right hand and is replaced or renewed after an election. A Vice Chairman can not be removed by the CS, however the Chairman may choose to appoint a new Vice at anytime within their term.


Subsection 5: Proposing Amendments
Any CS members may propose a Constitutional Amendment. Upon proposal, a recommended one week’s time can be given for discussion or sooner if a consensus is reached. After which, the measure will be put on the floor for a full vote.


Subsection 6: Measures
A measure is an issue or change that is being requested for vote because said issue is either (1) not currently outlined in the constitution, (2) outlined but unclear, (3) outlined but needs updating or change, (4) or is an addition the constitution.

Subsection 7: Meetings
Real-time CS meetings in which CS members meet in real time to discuss and vote on guild constitutional measures via one of more of the following methods: voice chat, text chat, and/or in-game chat, may only be called to order or scheduled by a Chairman. Such meetings will always be pre-scheduled at a time that is convenient for as many CS members as possible. All members of the CS members will be required to attend CS meetings unless they are unable to for a good reason. No CS meeting shall be in valid session without a Chairman (unless by consent of the absentee) Once in session, each CS member will be asked in turn to suggest any measures that they wish to put on the floor for vote. If they do not have a measure they wish to discuss, CS will move to the next CS members. If they do have a measure to discuss, the measure will then be discussed by all CS members citing reasoning of both the measure’s pros and cons. Once discussed, a motion is required followed by a second to put the measure on the floor for vote, if no CS member motions or seconds, the measure is then dismissed. If put to vote, the measure will require a 2/3rd majority vote to pass. The Chairman reserves full authority to dismiss or veto any and all measures or CS decisions if said measure or decision. A private forum on the community website shall be reserved for CS members to hold non-realtime Council Meetings and votes will be initiated on the discord #CS & #motions channel.

Subsection 8: Majority Vote
A minimum 2/3rd majority vote is required to pass a proposed measure put on the floor. Other Measures which are not defined in or by the Constitution may be passed after motion by a 2nd motion and a minimum 24 hour window for CS objection on the measure. This is called a short vote. If there are no objections within 24-hrs, the measure will pass. In the event of any objection by any CS member within 24-hrs, the measure will be placed on the floor for a full vote.

Subsection 9: Voting with CS member on LOA
In the event that the CS meets to vote and one or more CS members are on Leave of Absence, during said session, the total number of CS members is defined as the total number of CS members not currently on Leave of Absence.

Article VII: Organizational Structure

Section A: General Establishment
4K shall be organized into a paramilitary organizational structure modeled after the U.S Military, which are represented by various Chains of Commands (CoC). The general CoC shall look as such: Commanding Officer (CO) of assignment, an optional Executive Officer (XO), and Non-Commissioned Officer-in-charge (NCOIC), when available. An NCOIC reports to their XO or CO, the CO of a lesser establishment then reports to the CO of a higher establishment.

Section B: Battalions Establishment

Subsection 1: Battalions
Each game shall be referred to as a Battalion and is lead according to the general CoC. A Battalion CO reports to their Branch CO and is responsible for the general operations of their game as what is considered the “guildmaster” or “clan leader”. Each Officer within the Battalion is considered a Battalion Officer (BO) under the Battalion Commanding Officer (BCO)

Subsection 2: Combat Unit
Battalions are authorized to create Combat Units for their game. These are considered specialized teams that regularly play together in raids, PvP, competitions, etc. A Combat Unit is required to follow the general Chain of Command but may assign an NCO in place of an Officer.

Section C: Branches Establishment
A branch is considered the set of Battalions (games) played under a single platform. Branches will follow the general CoC and reports to the S-3 Division CO. Branch CO’s are responsible for the oversight of Battalion CO’s in ensuring game activity, leadership quality, membership retention, events and general disputes.

Section D: Staff Divisions Establishment

Subsection 1: Staff Divisions
Staff (S) Divisions shall be separated into 6 individual sections that are governed by the general CoC. The Division Commanding Officer (DCO) of each S Division shall be appointed a seat on the Command Staff (CS) and are given 1 voting power. The XO of each S Division shall be an advisor to the CS and are not permitted voting rights, unless previously authorized by unanimous decision of the CS.

Subsection 1: S-1 Personnel
This division manages the Recruiting & Retention of personnel within 4k. The responsibility of this division is process new member applications, oversee their recruitment, process personnel action requests, and update personnel records.

Subsection 2: S-2 Intelligence
This division oversees and manages Christian ministries. It is their responsibility to coordinate regular bible studies, prayer meetings, post regular devotionals and attend to the overall spiritual growth of the community.

Subsection 3: S-3 Operations
This division is responsible for overseeing branch activity, regulating battalion events and member retention, and overall function of battalions.

Subsection 4: S-4 Logistics
This division is responsible for administration and security of servers and websites, overseeing appropriations of finances and management of general business needs.

Subsection 5: S-5 Recruiting and Retention
This division is responsible for recruiting new players and helping them along the process to enlistment. This division is also responsible for the training of new NCO’s and Officers. 

Subsection 6: S-6 Communications
This division is responsible for public relations, marketing and advertising, content creation and general communications.

Section E: Command Establishment

Subsection 1: Command Staff
The highest level of authority resides within the Command Staff (CS). The CS shall consist of the CO and XO of each Staff Division.

Subsection 2: Command Staff Chairman
The Chairman’s responsibility is to manage day-to-day tasks, implement changes that fall within their constitutional authority, initiate CS voting, and generally lead the community. This elected position also holds veto powers.

Subsection 3: Command Staff Powers
Decisions or changes not addressed by the Constitution shall be voted on by the Command Staff and if necessary, an amendment made to regulate it. Each CO shall have 1 vote towards motions. XO’s are apart of the CS as advisors but may be permitted 1 voting power by unanimous decision of the CS. The following Staff Division XO’s are permitted voting powers:

S-1: N | S-2: N | S-3: N | S-4: N | S-5 N | S-6: N

Subsection 3.a: Election and Removal
The Chairman, an elected position, shall be voted on once a year, on the 1st day of January. However, the CS is authorized to initiate a special election, at any point, to replace the Chairman if abuse of power is determined. Abuse of power is determined by unanimous vote. If a special election is held, all XO’s are permitted emergency voting powers for it.

Section F: CS Duties
The primary duties of the Command Staff include, but are not limited to, oversight of the 4K Constitution and Community, maintaining order of each Branch, counseling members, hearing appeals to disciplinary actions, oversight of complaints and unrest within the Guild, appointing additional S Divisions, approving new community expenditures, approval of alliances with other gaming communities, and all other CS duties specified in other Articles of this Constitution.

Article VIII: Promotions, Appointments, & Demotions

Section A: Announcement
An official announcement will be posted on the 4K forums to notify the guild of any and all Appointments & Promotions.

Section B: Promotion to Member
Please see and review the Ranks under PERSCOM. These have the most up-to-date and accurate requirements for promotion through the ranks and are not subject to constitutional oversight.

Section C: Promotion Procedure
Once a promotion requirement has been fully met, said member must submit a Personnel Action Request for promotion in the Operations Center. After review from S-1, a promotion will be entered in to the record, changes made to discord name, permissions granted, roster updated and announced.

Section D: Demotions
The Administration, CS, or Commanding Officers via chain of command reserve the right to demote any Officer due to Code of Conduct violations, failure to meet Officer Conduct criteria, or due to inactivity or loss of interest in said responsibilities.

Section E: Resignations
Administrators, CS, and Operations Officers may resign from their positions at any time after notifying the Chain of Command of such resignation. All seniority and progress gained from such time in commissioned service shall be forfeited.

Section F: Waivers
Waivers may be granted for promotions that members may not qualify for. These waivers are meant to help grow the leadership of 4K during times of increased growth, leadership needs or reward extreme merit. The following must occur before a waiver can be granted:

  1. Member must far exceed the leadership qualities of all other members in the current rank and match or exceed the leadership qualities of those who hold the proposed rank.
  2. Member can not be waived to promotion higher than 4 ranks or one category at a time.
  3. Member must meet and agree to all leadership criteria in Article 5, Section H
  4. Waiver must be approved by the members BCO or higher.
  5. Waiver can not be issued for member again for 60 days.

Section G: Special Appointment for Command Staff
In the event a member of command staff is on a leave of absence, the chairman is authorized to appoint an interim member in his place without a vote of command staff. In the event a member of command staff resigns with insufficient notice for a permanent replacement to be selected prior to his departure, the chairman is authorized to appoint an interim member in his place without a vote of the command staff. Such appointment shall not exceed 90 days, unless otherwise authorized by the command staff. The interim command staff member will perform all the duties and responsibilities of a regular command staff member, however is not entitled to a vote.

In the event the most qualified candidate for such appointment is not of sufficient rank to hold the vacant command staff position, the chairman is authorized to make a “field promotion” of such candidate to the lowest permissible rank for that position for the duration of the appointment. At the end of the appointment, the interim commander will revert to his previously held rank unless he has otherwise become eligible for promotion.

Article IX: Amendments

The Articles in this Constitution are subject to change with notice. All members will be informed of any and all change(s) to this Constitution via the forums. This notice does not include fixing typographical errors, changing the format or layout, colors, or other visuals of the Constitution. Changes to this Constitution may be implemented as the result of a 2/3rd majority vote by the CS.