For The King is a multi-gaming community designed for mature, clean and family-friendly interaction. We are a Christian organization with the intent to sharpen one another as brothers and sisters in Christ.

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A Christian Gaming Community, is that a joke?

Weird right? However, a goal as a Christian community is to set standards of respect, morals, and maturity that most communities consider inadequate to the growth of their guild/clan and the impact it has on people. Being a part of a Christian community isn’t about being religious, it’s about living out a set of beliefs in all areas of life, including gaming. Our overall mission is to develop leaders, build disciples and represent Christ through gaming.

Why do I need to fill out an Application?

We know that most communities don’t require this. It seems odd, obsolete and maybe even a little too much commitment too soon. However, our we have applications because we are genuinely interested in YOU as a person much more than as a gamer.

Membership with For the King takes a basic commitment. Its not much, but it is enough to successful obtain a 95% retention rate with our members. Because being a part of For the King is much more than a guild, tag or representation. Its a journey through life with friends, brothers and sisters who share the same interest in gaming.

Do I have to be a Christian to join?

Nope. Anyone who is willing to follow and maintain our rules is welcome to join. We strongly believe in respecting each other and everyone’s beliefs, so why not give something different a try?

What is UX?

Our members play all sorts of games with each other but some of these games we have adopted to support. Supporting a game means we provide resources, advertisement, costs, leadership, etc into growing the clan/guild. You can see which games we support in our games section of the website.

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