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  1. Survey is about done, more to come.
  2. Event Date: 8/22/2019, Attendees: @tauvex @Blackhawk375 @Netwalker @Anthony84 @Hitmon#1996 @Sabeurito @Dude4Him @Spirit @K2_SZero @Matthias - there might of been a few more, sorry if I didn't record it 😕 give a shout out in the comments if you want 🙂 Notes: Raid Team There is interest, need more specifics like time and how often The thought would be a regular group that would also be a Sherpa PS4 branch has been doing something like this for awhile, we'll probably do some cross-learning PC has interest and maybe enough for a full raid team @tauvex will find a place to submit a sign-up sheet Eater of Worlds is a good intro raid 🙂 Eventually focus on completing Raid Challenges after a stable team as formed Squads was brought up. At this time even though there may have overlap, I don't think they are requirements. Meaning, to be in the Raid team, you aren't required to be in the Squad and vice-versa. More to come as discussions around Squads solidify. Comp/Crucible Team There is interest, little uncertain what the team will be like @tauvex will find a place to submit a sign-up sheet Gambit - No for now EU We don't have a clear answer as to what fits best with availability in the teams listed, likely we'll need someone who whats to represent EU to be the point of contact LFG Everyone agrees we need a few changes, ideas proposed: #destiny : for news, celebrations, game chat #destiny-pc-lfg : place to broadcast/find groups to join up with for pc #destiny-ps4-lfg : place to broadcast/find groups to join up with for ps4 #destiny-xbox-lfg : place to broadcast/find groups to join up with for xbox The new channels would make less noise and need for "pings" based on roles, people can turn up their discord notifications for selected platforms Sherpa/Raid Team/Crucible Team/Role-based pings If Team and/or Roles like Sherpa get established, we'll discuss either adding channels or use roles for these groups of people Day 1 Raid @tauvex and @Netwalker are looking for volunteers, PM either one if you have interest PS4 branch sounds like they'll be doing a raid team, PM @Blackhawk375 if you have interest After the meeting, many of us stayed in chat and had good fellowship talking about all sorts of things, one of which included the Destiny 2 Community event, as that time gets closer, we'll see who is interested and form up on some groups or just do it individually. That is all guardians, leave any comments in the comments or PM me for feedback 🙂 Your D2 staff,PC - @tauvex, @NetwalkerPS4 - @Blackhawk375, @Anthony84 (DrDerp) UPDATES After talking with @Blackhawk375 - the PS4 is formalized, I'm just not privy to the details 🙂 updated the notes under Raid Team Squads was mentioned, updated the notes under Raid Team
  3. until
    Cross-save is here! With more players all potentially playing together now feels like a good time to have a meet and greet. Join us on Discord "General Comms" chat and let's talk about: Raid Teams Comp Teams LFG Day 1 Raid of Shadowkeep We are looking for ideas and suggestions and just get to know each other 🙂. Not sure who all will attend but if there is enough interest in this kind of meeting, we can try to host them more often. If you have any questions, PM me (Tauvex) Your D2 staff, PC - Tauvex, Netwalker PS4 - Blackhawk, DrDerp
  4. "Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance. It is the Lord Christ whom you serve." Col. 3:23-24 It can be hard from day to day when you're in the mix of things to put the L For me, I have busy days and lots of meetings at times, a little prayer between activities helps. I often think about how Joseph survived through all the circumstances he did and then I think of the verse above. I'm encouraged by his story of faith. Great thoughts.
  5. No prob dude, come back whenever 🙂
  6. Will do - likewise, just post in the discord channel. I've done most stuff and kinda ran out of content to work on that is solo. Might start doing more Nightfalls solo or with fireteam. Definitely working on getting a Raid schedule, right now because we have some less experienced Guardians, I'm just helping them level-up along the way 🙂
  7. In case the moment doesn't come and wife is like - "hun, you need to go have some fun because you have been awesome" - you know where to find us 😉
  8. Hopefully the event shows the time it would be based on your profile, yes? Its 7pm Central, so does it show 8pm Eastern?
  9. The time was 4/12 7pm-ish
  10. Please read comments below before RSVP for latest updates (if any) Vote on these options Leviathan - 280 Leviathan, Eater of Worlds (Curse of Osiris Raid Lair) - 300 Leviathan, Spire of Stars (Warmind Raid Lair) - 370 Last Wish (Forsaken Raid) - 550 Scourge of the Past (Black Armory Raid) - 640 When you RSVP, please note if you have done the raid or not and if you are willing to be a guide. I personally have not all of them yet and the few I do know, I don't remember all the encounters. I am partial to wanting to trying out Scourge of the Past but I can be game with any. Obviously if not enough people commit, we'll cancel. - tauvex
  11. I started with things I can do at the same time: Get Daily & Weekly bounties Dreaming City (DC) - Petra Black Armory (BA) - Ada Hawthorne (H) - All Solo bounties first Use the weapon requirements from BA bounties while doing DC daily/weekly bounties (and if can, do bounties from H). Complete all daily bounties for BA and DC first because they have weekly bounties that are dependent on you completing 8 daily bounties. If you don't forge a BA weapon, keep doing those bounties while doing daily/weekly challenges. Should be able to wrap-up this in 2-3 days. Example: Get multi-kills with pulse rifle BA bounty. Kill 100 enemies in DC daily bounty. Do blind well DC weekly bounty - you can do all 3 in the same event. If you visit any planet/do a strike/crucible/etc, get the vendor bounties there you probably will achieve, completing these will count towards your Ikora 20 bounty challenge. Usually I don't worry about this because I finish this challenge by the stuff above easily now since BA is in the game. You will also get vendor awards at the same time so I think of it as a bonus. Go to Tangled Shores and get the weekly WANTED bounty, you may have to go do some grinding for ghost shells, you can save this for when you work on Weekly Challenges. Now do Daily Challenges from wherever they are in the map. Finally do Weekly Challenges, the weekly Flash-point, and wrap up weekly bounties from other vendors like the Ascendant Challenge in DC. You may also receive other pursuits that have requirements that you can do while completing other objectives, usually those take a bit longer though, they may have powerful rewards. I usually do the "shorter" missions on week days and save the longer missions for Friday nights or weekends. That is why I do Dreaming City Fridays ? To give you an idea of what is possible, the Destiny Inventory Manager (DIM) has a "Progress" page that lists out everything, eyeball things that are "Powerful". I'm not sure it lists everything. The Companion App for your phone I believe lists them too. Joker's Wild is going to be starting soon, so this "circuit" would probably get revised. Good luck Guardian.
  12. Test
  13. General Information Your Real Name: Reece Bradley Your Age: 37 Gamer Information Your Game Handle: tauvex Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/tauvex/ BattleNet ID: tauvex#1113 PSN ID: Member Specific Questions Are you a Christian? Yes Why do you wish to join For The King? be with brothers in Christ, have fun, encourage each other, have common goals in life and in games :-) How Did You Hear About Us? as of now, can't remember. I first found Christian Alliance, then I think I just kept paging through the https://lookingforclan.com Introduce Yourself: I'm a brother, husband, father, friend, and servant. I love Jesus and wish aid others in their walk with Him. Have you reviewed our Code of Conduct? Yes Disclaimer: Gamers do not need to be Christians to join, however, by doing so you agree to follow our CoC and Constitution. It is understood that you represent our community and therefor represent what the world see's of us as Christians. Optionally, you may choose to be a supporter instead. Being a supporter will grant you access to special benefits but does not place you under the guidelines of our Constitution. I understand and would like to become a MEMBER
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