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  1. Application View Application Status Elias Gannage Submitted 05/25/2019 06:42 PM Name Elias Gannage Email [email protected] Timezone America/New_York Country United States Additional Application Fields Real Age 22 Game Handle Supersingalong What Is Your Primary Game? Destiny 2 What Are Your Secondary Games? Elite Dangerous What Platform Do You Play On? Primarily PC Do You Play On Other Platforms? Secondarily PC Are You A Christian? Yes, I am a Christian How Did You Find Out About Us? Another Website Forum Why Do You Wish To Join For The King? I want a like-minded group of individuals who I can play Destiny 2 with. It's fine and all to play with random people, but building connections with other followers of Christ would be so nice. Tell Us A Little About Yourself. A history major and music minor. I love fandoms and board games. Love talking about philosophy, theology, and political theory. I play games for the experience, so I'm not the best and not very competitive. But I love having fun and feeling awesome. Have you read and understood our Code of Conduct? Yes Discord ID supersingalong#5732 Communications Agreement Yes
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