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  1. Currently work in IT as a business intelligence developer and architect. (Hahaha...I know business intelligence is an oxymoron 😂😂😂)
  2. A40DayFlud


    I'm on the fence about it. I was all for it but then the reviews have been ok. I know a lot was because of the problems during the VIP demo. When I get it, it'll be for the PS4, though.
  3. Hi I just applied. Looking forward to hopefully joining y'all on some games if accepted. I'm a PS4 and Xbone gamer mostly.
  4. General Information Your Real Name: Mike Your Age: 45 Gamer Information Your Game Handle: A40DayFlud Steam Profile: BattleNet ID: PSN ID: A40DayFlud Member Specific Questions Are you a Christian? Yes Why do you wish to join For The King? I played Destiny a lot and had a group of people I played with on PlayStation and Xbox. They all have moved on but I'm getting back into Destiny 2. I would love to find a fun, casual, and mature clan that works together but also realizes that their is life outside of gaming in case schedules don't match up all the time. How Did You Hear About Us? Found a link on the Looking For Clan website. Introduce Yourself: My name is Mike and I'm 45 y/o from Tennessee. I've been a Christian since I was saved in 1999. I'm newly re-married so gaming is more a hobby for me when I have free time. I play mostly on PlayStation and Xbox. My wife is a new gamer and we play a lot of Minecraft together. Have you reviewed our Code of Conduct? Yes Disclaimer: Gamers do not need to be Christians to join, however, by doing so you agree to follow our CoC and Constitution. It is understood that you represent our community and therefor represent what the world see's of us as Christians. Optionally, you may choose to be a supporter instead. Being a supporter will grant you access to special benefits but does not place you under the guidelines of our Constitution. I understand and would like to become a MEMBER
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