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  1. Yeah Fort Worth has a Coca Cola headquartered here @CaptAMERICA1611
  2. Are you at the DFW location? @CaptAMERICA1611
  3. Your application was accepted.
  4. God is Good man, as brothers and sisters in Christ we have no problem being there for one another. Sometimes we go through a season but God always has a plan for us stay encouraged brother 😁
  5. Your application was accepted.
  6. Right now we don't have specific raid teams, we do have the PS4 clan at this link https://www.bungie.net/en/ClanV2?groupid=3681158. Since we have grown we are trying to get a good day of the week we can all get on for raids. FlyingAces will post the recurring event once we get it nailed down 👍
  7. No problem, real life comes first and foremost. We'll be here when you get back 😁
  8. I work as an Account Manager for the Postal Service. Worked 2 years as a Letter Carrier 4 as a front end Supervisor/Manager and Now I'm in my current role. I've also dabbled a little in Automotive, Programming and Professional Fishing( weird and colorful combination I know 🤣)
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