Whether you’re a casual or

a hardcore player, For The King

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For The King is a multi-gaming christian community. Our members play hundreds of different games, often together. However, we have a guideline for officially supported games as an organization. See our current ones below:

Destiny 2

Venture to mysterious, unexplored worlds fighting an overwhelming army and discovering an arsenals of weapons to reclaim our world.

Elite Dangerous

Set in a gorgeous backdrop of 400 billion star systems, ED is a breath taking space flight simulation where we trade, fight and create political unrest.

GR: Wildlands

Step into the open world of covert operations with thousands of different customization options. Task Force events range from weekly objectives to PvP goals.

Division 2




Go Beyond Gameplay


Stay connected outside of the games through all our responsive websites and forum.


Earn points through activity and exchange them for new games and For The King gear.


Enjoy virtually unlimited high-quality servers designed for any For The King needs.


Connect with hundreds of other Christians and gamers through our Christian Alliances.

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