Destiny 2

A beautiful tech-futuristic first-person shooter taking place among multiple planets, Destiny 2 is the perfect game for all play styles. Take your fireteam through hundreds of different play styles from PvP, raids, strikes, public events and much more in this open-world gem.
Clan Overview

Progress. Rank Up. Conquer. PvP.

For The King (4KGaming) believes in playing all aspects of this game. Most of all, we desire to rank up the clan as a whole, participating in a variety of game-play to achieve this. Fireteams are made of different teams that players can join in game and be apart of. Our End Game desire is to be a formidable PvP Clan with regular progression events.

Our Progression

Rank 3

Destiny 2 is the newest addition to our multi-game arsenal. Because of this our progression and clan rank is minimal at best. Our efforts are to get these up over the next 2 months. We will post an update on this accomplishment here once is has been achieved.

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