For The King is a multi-gaming community designed for mature, clean and family-friendly interaction. We are a Christian organization with the intent to sharpen one another as brothers and sisters in Christ.

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For the King isn’t your average gaming clan/guild. Our admins work hard to provide epic content, resources and features that you just wont find anywhere else. Not to mention that since we are a multi-gaming community, our inactivity levels are pretty low and gives a great pool of gamers for LFG’s.

The most important thing we have to offer is fellowship. We strongly believe in placing the ministry of our brothers and sisters before our gaming.


Standards are high. We are looking for extremely strong roleplaying players so do not apply unless you think you belong in a top tier clan – your gaming history will be reviewed and there will be try outs….. HAHA just kidding. We don’t care.

Ok now for realz:

Maturity. We are a family friendly community and while most of us are career adults with our own families, our kids also play here too. We don’t tolerate vulgar language or inappropriateness. It is possible to have fun without using language that would shock your grandmother.

Activity. We do seriously expect you to be active. Weird thing to say and read but it’s crazy how many recruits don’t make membership because they just aren’t on, ever! So, to become a member and keep it, we expect you to be active. Even if that’s just in our chat channels.

Respectful. When you 100+ active members and at least 60% of them are online together at some point, personalities clash. It’s going to happen and you just aren’t going to like everyone. However, you can not get along with someone and still be respectful. We don’t take kindly to disrespectful conversations and its a fast ticket back to Hogwarts if we see it happen!

Willingness. We are not a conventional community. So we expect that there be some open-mindedness and willingness with the application process, recruitment and even Officer Candidate School if you survive!


Commitment. We are a strong active community with over 15 years of awesome times and we want to share that with the world! This means that that we need committed members to keep us strong and help move us towards another decade of friendship.

Maturity. It takes a community to raise a child but lucky for most, our community all have children of our own. We believe that real life comes before gaming but we also believe that members are obligated to stay in communication. We don’t want members mooching off our cool stats!

Leaders. We aren’t asking you to take 300 soldiers into Greece, but we want members who step up and help get things going. After all, that’s what a community is all about, everyone giving a helping hand!

Teachable. We all have something to learn and something to teach, but no one likes a know it all, you know? So we want members who can do it both. We have a lot of educational courses as you move through our ranks and we have a plenty of positions to help teach them. The student will become the Jedi master…


We need a social security number, 2 forms of ID and $100 deposit. Nah. Its actually pretty simple, but like we said, it takes commitment!

Start by filling out an application. Once accepted you’ll start recruitment. Its a 7-day journey in which we all get to know each other. Afterwards, you can decide whether or not you like us and we get to do the same!

That’s it! So why are you still reading this? Seriously, stop. Just click the button, GAH!

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