Statement of Purpose

First as Christians

Our purpose, first as Christians, is to honor & glorify God in all that we do, including playing an online game. We encourage every member of our community to maintain a personal walk with God that includes prayer, Bible study, and faithfulness to church. Play time should never supersede your quiet time with God or your obligations with your family. As Christians, we shall maintain moral conduct rules and promote a friendly, helpful environment.

Second as a Community

Our purpose as a guild is to provide all gamers with a good, clean, Godly environment to come together with their families and enjoy common fellowship while playing online games. Through this fellowship, we will find encouragement, friendship, fun, and edification in the faith. Our doors of recruitment shall always remain open to those who have the same values.

Third as Gamers

Our purpose in gaming is to play online games that are family-safe, fun, competitive, and support guilds, clans, kinships, or communities. We shall strive to provide support for & voluntary involvement in everything our Official Games have to offer.